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Monday, February 15, 2016

Belly + Hot Girls: 15% off - Expires 3/4

Hi there,

Reaching back out in case price is a concern. I'm able to offer you our Core plan (normally $159/month) for $139/month -- saving you $240/year -- if you sign on by 3/4.

As a reminder, you'll get an iPad for your counter (with unlimited BellyCards, a stand, lock & marketing materials) as well as a full suite of marketing tools including:

  • Marketing Automation: Send customers coupons based on their visit history to automatically incentivize them to return to Hot Girls.
  • Social Media Marketing: Connect to Facebook, Twitter and Yelp to get more 'Likes', shares & reviews.   
  • Email Marketing: Create and send marketing emails with custom templates. Campaign performance stats, including in-store visits, at your fingertips.
  • Customer Acquisition: Grow your customer base every month with targeted offers to Belly Members near you who haven't visited your business yet.
  • Mobile Marketing: Get your business listed on our iOS & Android apps so that over 6 million Members can discover your business.

Sound like something you want to explore? Request a free demo here.

Thank you,

Maria Sanchez, Relationship Manager, Belly

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hot Girls could make this much more in 2016


I've sent a couple emails showing how other boutiques and retailers are using Belly's customer loyalty and marketing platform to increase how often their customers visit. The fact is though, every business is different. That's why we built this handy ROI calculator. Simulate return on investment that Hot Girls could realize by using Belly's loyalty and marketing platform.

Calculate ROI

Here's how it works (in 5 easy steps):

  1. Select Shopping as your Business Vertical
  2. Input your Monthly Customers (How many customers visit your business each month?)
  3. Input your Monthly Customer Visits (How many times does the average customer visit each month - 1, 2, 7?)
  4. Input your Average Basket Size (How much is the average transaction at your business?)
  5. Input the Total % of Visits on Belly (What % of your customers will sign up for Belly? This is typically 40%)

The calculator will spit out total additional visits and revenue you can expect per year with Belly! In the green, you'll see how much you'll make back for every $1 you invest!

P.S. -- This calculator works (and looks) best on desktop or iPad! We're working on a mobile version too :)

Like what you see or have questions?

Click here to schedule a call with me, or just reply to this email so we can set up a time.


Maria Sanchez, Relationship Manager, Belly

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Monday, February 8, 2016

[Google Small Business] Learn how to attract loyal customers

Hey there,

A couple months ago, Belly was invited by Google's Small Business Marketing team to chat about the importance of attracting & retaining loyal customers at small businesses. Here are a few takeaways from the 30-minute live session:

  • Existing customers are more profitable than new customers because over their lifetime, they spend 10x more than occasional customers.
  • Research from Bain and Co. showed that a 5% increase in customer loyalty can result in more than 25% increase in revenue.
  • 54% of shoppers buy more when they're being rewarded.

The feedback from the live attendees was overwhelmingly positive, so I wanted to share the full recording with you, here. Hopefully you get some great tips for Hot Girls!

After you watch the video, request a free demo, so we can chat about how Belly can help you.



Maria Sanchez, Relationship Manager, Belly

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Regarding Your Business


Do you have a minute to discuss some observations I've made on your website?

There are some specific things that stick out (visibility/overall strategy, etc).

To underline the point, I'll have my consultants conduct an Extensive Web Audit (no cost to you). On top of that, I'm glad to furnish numerous positive references on request.

All I'd need to get started is to briefly discuss today/tomorrow. Please let me know when you have a quick minute to jump on the phone and what's the best number to call you.

Thank you!

Roger Moore
Online Marketing Specialist

*If this email has reached you by mistake or if you do not wish to take advantage of this great opportunity, please accept my apology for any inconvenience caused and rest assured that you will not be contacted again.

Friday, October 2, 2015

See how Facebook's recent changes impact your business


My name is Victor, and I'm the CEO and co-founder at FiveStars. I wanted to write you an email about what the recent announcements from Facebook on Facebook Pages mean for businesses like yours, and what you should do about it.


Facebook recently announced that they will reduce the reach of posts from businesses to their fans that they deem as "overly promotional." A recent study showed that only 2% of your fans actually see your posts for your Facebook Page!
What does this mean for small businesses? In my opinion, Facebook is no longer useful as a place to keep in touch with your "fans" if only 2% of them see your posts
Here's what I recommend for your business:

1. You should build your own customer database (names, phone numbers, emails).
2. The easiest way to build your database is with a digital rewards program.
3. If you pick the right platform, you'll be able to reach over 90% of your "fans".
With the FiveStars rewards & marketing platform, over 90% of your customers will see your promotional messages, and 10% of them will buy after seeing the message.
For a limited time, you can try FiveStars for free. We're so confident that you'll like what you see that we're giving away $25 Amazon or Starbucks gift cards just for seeing the demo.
Do you have 5 minutes to discuss either today or tomorrow?

If you get tired of hearing from me, click here to update your preferences or opt out.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Build Stunning Membership Page & Blog with New Amaze Theme

A brand new and revolutionary WordPress Theme called 'NewAmazeTheme' is coming out. This theme allows you to create BEAUTIFUL and PROFESSIONAL membership interface and blog at once, EASILY and QUICKLY.

By combining the blog with membership, it's a great leverage! Having a blog could build credibility while having a membership site could bring you a passive income for life.

- Stunning and Unique Design
- 100% Newbie Friendly
- Build Blog and Membership Site at Once
- Change Your Site Entirely with Just a Few Clicks
- Multiple variations of the header, slider, content layout, main site layout
- Fully customizable color schema
- And Many More

It's not an average theme; this theme has the beautiful and modern design you WON'T find anywhere else! Building the professional and unique website has never been easier, with this theme you can change your site entirely as simple as point and click.

=> View the Cool Demos Here -->

With this theme, NO more struggling with the complicated theme. And forget all the boring designs you have ever used before.

This theme has ability to build the professional & unique blog and membership interface without even touch any single programming code. So don't worry if you have no design or programming skill, this theme is easy to use and newbie friendly.

You'll love its design and all the features!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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